What to visit during your dental, plasti

11 Mar

What to visit during your dental, plastic surgery, spa holidays in Romania – the Merry Cemetery – located in Sapanta, Maramures. It was included among the world’s unique cemeteries because here everything is cheerful, and death is taken as a joke. If in almost all world’s cultures, death is a solemn and sad event , by the contrary at Sapânta, the epitaphs on the tombstones often elicit laughter.
It is famous for the colorful tombs crosses , depicting scenes from the life and the occupation of the persons buried. On some crosses, there are even lyrics saying, often with humorous nuances, how the person was in life and what he/she did in his/ her life. For travel anywhere in Romania, visit our website and contact today:; phone +40 311.073.167, +40 730.482.672

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