Otoplasty in Romania. The remodeling and

13 Mar

Otoplasty in Romania. The remodeling and the restoration intervention of the external ear is made by a maxillo facial surgery physician or by a plastic surgeon. The prominent ears can occur equally in both women and men.The otoplasty is considered a reconstructive plastic surgery rather than a cosmetic surgery and the patients seeking the ear reshaping surgery should understand that they will not have the same or perfect ears. Therefore, otoplasty is contraindicated for those who have unrealistic expectations or for those who do not follow post-operative instructions. The correction can be done in adults , adolescents, and children from the age of 9 years. Plastic surgery for you in Romania, India, Turkey, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Israel, Brazil, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, France, Hungary, Mexico, Morocco, Poland, Spain, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom . Contact today:; phone +40 311.073.167, +40 730.482.672,

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