Dental tourism in Romania. The most comm

22 Mar

Dental tourism in Romania. The most common reason for patients traveling to other countries for dental work is to save money. Dental tourism prices ensures savings that are up to 70 percent less than the cost of similar procedures in Europe or United States. People who opt for dental tourism can also feel that it is an opportunity to “see the world” while getting their teeth fixed at the same time. For cosmetic procedures that can cause little or no discomfort, this could be a realistic goal. Of course, for most oral surgery, you’d need to get your sightseeing done before the procedure! What to visit during your dental vacation in Romania – Fagaras Mountains – made up of a lot of peaks and ridges aligned in a front comprising eight of the 14 alpine peaks exceeding 2500m mountains of Romania. The largest glacial lake in Fagaras is Balea Lake, with an area of 4.65 ha. The deepest glacial lake is Podragu Lake with 15.5m. Here, the climate is harsh, with subpolar features and the landscape is magnificent. For travel anywhere in Romania, visit our website and contact today:; phone +40 311.073.167, +40 730.482.67,

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