There are basically four types of spas.

20 Apr

There are basically four types of spas. The first is the spa that caters to the wellness of the client.Most of the people visiting these spas for treatments are persons recovering from operations and people trying to quit smoking or alcohol.The second type of spa is those that take the fitness of the client into consideration. They are specially designed for those who want to relax.The third type of spa is the holistic spa. The main reason people join this spa is to learn more about spirituality.There are different meditation techniques taught here and these treatments come from different cultures and beliefs . The fourth and the more famous spa is the day spa. People who visit these spas are usually the ones who are more beauty-conscious. Spa for you in Romania , India, Turkey, Thailand, Malaysia, Brazil, Costa Rica, Germany, Poland, Spain ! Contact today:; phone +40 311.073.167, +40 730.482.672
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