The preferred seating area in downtown B

21 Apr

The preferred seating area in downtown Bucharest since the past centuries has been and will remain Herastrau. Starting with 1800, the elegant people of the Little Paris walks on the shores of the Herastrau lake that is part of the chain of lakes of the river Colentina. Towards the end of the 19th century and until 1930, the park on the banks of Herastraului lake, who received meantime the name National Park Carol II, became a regular walking and conversation place in Bucharest. However, the proper arrangement of the park began in 1936, on the occasion of the exhibition “Bucharest Month”. The initial name of the park was changed with the coming of communism, when it was renamed Park V.I. Stalin. The name was supported by the existence of a statue of Stalin, situated at the entrance from Charles de Gaulle current market, then changed to one that represents the French general, unveiled on the occasion of the Francophone Summit in Bucharest. In 1936, with the establishment of the park, was born and the first open-air ethnographic museum in the world: Village Museum “Dimitrie Gusti”. Sociologist D. Gusti wanted this museum to be a “village-museum”
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